The Payoff is in the Preparation

We despise the preparation.

We like playing in the game, but we hate practice.
We like acing the test, but we don’t want to study.
We like when the numbers on the scale drop, but we hate working out.
We want a healthy marriage, but we don’t want to read the books and put pride aside.
We want the title, but we don’t want to work hard to move up the organizational ladder.

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How to Increase Your Creative Capacity As A Leader

Whether you consider yourself creative or not you should be intentional about increasing your creative capacity. Creativity is about thinking outside the box and expanding your thoughts of how to make thing better and more efficient. Creative leaders create a high amount of winning and innovative ideas, products, and services. Being creative is almost indispensable in our fast pace and ever changing world. If you’re not creative you could be left behind with what made you successful yesterday. Apple has been an example of a company full of creative leaders; they remain ahead of the technology business because they always release innovating products. Here are 3 practical ways to increase your creative capacity:

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Next Up Podcast: H3 Leadership with Brad Lomenick


Brad Lomenick (Catalyst’s founder) is on this month talking about how to lead well, how to lead creatively, and how to move forward in leadership by utilizing what he calls the 3 most important attributes a leader can have.
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Inside the Box Leadership

Leadership, while widely known to be something that forces us to think outside of the box is really better done inside the box.

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Clarity Comes Through Action

Are you in the midst of a life decision?  Wrestling with indecision? Oh, no?  You’ve set your table and are now finally enjoying the feast, huh?  No more big life decisions for you!  You’ve made it. Respect. Influence. Achievement. You’ve finally arrived!

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