Millennial (n):

An abbreviation for the millennial generation; a term used by demographers to describe a segment of the population born between 1980 and 2000. History's most educated, diverse, and determined generation.
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Next Up Podcast: 3 Ways to Live & Lead in The Moment (Episode 6)

Anyone’s life can be busy and chaotic. For leaders, life can be flat out crazy. It’s tempting to run from one thing to another and miss what’s right in front of us. In this episode, Jonathan Pearson, Dustin Bates, and David Pearson talk about how we can enjoy the present time to the fullest. Links […]


3 Ways Leaders Can Ovoid Over Committing

Ever felt like you just don’t have enough time to give to the things and people in your life who demand it? I find myself at this place of tension often. Being an extrovert, I love spending face-to-face time with people. Nothing brings more joy to my life than just being with the people. Because […]


Questions Great Young Leaders Ask

“You’ll never know if you don’t ask.” How many times have we heard that or even said that statement? A bunch. There’s a good reason for that, though. That statement is true. We never know what we’re unwilling to ask or find an answer to. As young leaders, one of the greatest practices we can […]


4 Ways to Build Confidence

Confidence is an essential leadership characteristic. I have found having and building confidence is an inward job while the results are primarily outwardly shown. This is because confidence is defined as “belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities.” It starts with self-leadership and the ability to consider ourselves winners, valuable, honorable, and worthy. To […]

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The Next Up Podcast: 4 Things Leadership Is Not (Episode 5)

Leadership is hard to define. It’s hard to boil it down to a solid definition. While leadership may be a lot of different things, there are certainly some things that leadership is not. In this episode, Jonathan Pearson and Dustin Bates talk about 4 things that leadership is not. Leadership is not manipulating, dictating, easy […]


3 Quick Tools To Boost Productivity

Reminders (iOS) If you have an iPhone, the reminders app is a gem in hiding. It’s not pretty and not effective as a stand alone productivity system, but it’s great at adding quick reminders. I use Siri with Reminders more than any other app. “Remind me to call Dan at 10am.” “Remind me to feed […]

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How To Thrive In The Midst of Poor Leadership

Hardly a day goes by when someone doesn’t mention his or her frustrations with the leadership at their workplaces. Maybe you’re hearing the same things. Or maybe you can relate with your own work leadership. Or maybe you’re a leader who has your own set of frustrations about your employees.

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The Next Up Podcast: T Is For Time (Episode 4)

In this episode, Jonathan Pearson, Dustin Bates, and guest David Pearson talk about the importance of time and offer some advice on how to protect it. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or you don’t even consider yourself a leader yet, this episode will help you take steps to manage one of your most valuable resources. […]


3 Things That Kill Leadership

Defensive If you’re defensive as a leader, it means you aren’t leading with confidence and the conviction you need. I’ve always said that if we’re defensive as leaders, it’s our vision and not God’s. Only the person that created the vision has to defend it. If God created it and gave it to us, we […]