Lean Into the Hard Stuff

I had a professional setback a few weeks ago.

After months of preparation, one of my professional goals didn’t come to fruition the way I was hoping and honestly, it was difficult and frustrating to process. It’s moments like these that I, like many of us millennials are tempted to throw in the towel. Tempted to pull the plug, switch gears, change directions. It’s even tempted to make big life decisions when we don’t get our way or something becomes too difficult, because that’s just easier than processing a no, or persevering through the challenge and trying again.


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Why It Is Easier Said Than Done

We’ve all heard the saying, “That’s easier said than done.” One of the reasons sayings like that stick around so long is because they’re mostly true. The older I’ve gotten and the more life experience I gain, I really do see how true this statement is. No matter what we’re doing, what our dream is, or where our life takes us, talk is easy, doing is difficult.

Here are 4 reasons it really is easier said than done…


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New Podcast: How To Mature As A Leader with Ron Edmondson

podcastlogo5Maturing as a leader really has no shortcuts. It’s full of ups and downs, risks, mistakes, and wins. In this episode of the Next Up Podcast, Jonathan Pearson, Dustin Bates and special guest Ron Edmondson talk about what it means to mature as a leader, how to do it, and even some practical ideas on growing as a leader.

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