Don’t Be A “Was Gonna” Friend

I was gonna ______ but I _______.

That’s the way we say it in the south anyway. The interpretation of that is simple. “I thought about doing something that would help or encourage you but I didn’t. So…I’m telling you that I at leastthought about you.” That’s not what a good friend does. When someone says that, they are trying to make themselves feel better about missing an opportunity.


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What makes a good idea a great one?

An Idea is the transcript, image, or picture of a visible object, that is formed by the mind; a plan or purpose of action; intention; design. Ideas are generated through the normal thought process and comes through experience, knowledge, and communication. Ideas that come to one’s mind can be vague and abstract at first; but by developing the idea, it can be made to something substanital and can bring an individual or a group a lot of success.


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Next Up Podcast (Episode 17): Benefits of Suffering As A Leader

NEXTUPNo one likes the term “suffering.” It feels like something we have to do with no return or benefit. The truth is, leaders will suffer. Whether you’re a young leader waiting your turn or an experienced leader on the mine field of leading an organization, you can benefit from the suffering you experience. In this episode, Jonathan Pearson and Dustin Bates talk about the right mindset and strategy you need to handle and benefit from suffering.

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