Millennial (n):

An abbreviation for the millennial generation; a term used by demographers to describe a segment of the population born between 1980 and 2000. History's most educated, diverse, and determined generation.
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Unusual Places to Develop As A Leader

Do you want to excel your leadership development? I think we all would say yes to that question. One irrefutable element to seeing your leadership skills increase is to be intentional about learning in your everyday life. Your everyday life offers the opportunity to learn how to become a great leader and also how to […]

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3 Roles of Communication in Leadership

The art of communication is the language of leadership. – James Humes I came across this quote by James Humes a few weeks ago. It’s one of those quotes that sounds good when you first read it, but even better when you stop and think about what it means. Here are 3 crucial roles communication […]


Common Mistakes Leaders Make In Development

The world and church is in desperate need of young leaders…. good young leaders. We need senior leaders who are willing to begin passing the torch to the next generation. As I look at other young leaders and leaders in general, I see 2 common mistakes that seem to most often stifle leadership development.


Beating Extraordinary Talent

Extraordinary talented leaders wins most of the time. But talent alone is never enough to achieve success or influence. Talent must be combined with some other essential traits. Without those traits your extraordinary talents will only take you so far. Three traits that can beat extraordinary talent include:


9 Facebook Rules for Every Married Man

Men are prone to getting themselves in trouble. We are often our own worst enemy. In the moment we make snap judgements and often regret the consequences of our decisions. With the advent of social media a plethora of options for epic fails were introduced to an immature populace. Unfortunately, those fails go beyond cat […]

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Next Up Podcast: 3 Tools Great Young Leaders Utilize

No builder is any good without their tools. As young leaders, we need certain tools to be effective too. In this episode, Dustin Bates and Jonathan Pearson talk about 3 key tools that leaders at any level need to utilize and offer some help on how to most efficiently use them. Relevant Links: Next Up: […]


Effective Skills For Women in Leadership

The topic of women in leadership roles continues to be an important one, both in the workplace and educational institutions. The percentage of women leaders in Fortune 500 companies has seen a slow increase over the past years, but these are not the only places where a woman can use her role as leader to […]

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5 Evernote Notebooks for Young Leaders

I am an Evernote fan boy. There, I said it. I’ve written about Evernote many times in the past. You can see those posts here. As I change the way I process information and as I lead more and more, I’ve adjusted how I organize just about everything I do. Right now, here are 5 […]


The Tension When We Try New Things

If we never try new things we will never discover what is possible. If we never risk failure we never create anything lasting. And the world is less bright for our fear of trying.But we are also suckers for new stuff. It’s easy to get distracted like a kid in a toy store. Everywhere we […]