5 Thoughts About Spending Your Leadership Equity Wisely

When you walk into a leadership opportunity, you go with a little bit of equity by virtue of your position and the inevitable honeymoon period during which those you lead will let you get by with just a bit more than they will a decade later, but you have to be very careful with that equity. Every decision you make, and every risk you lead your organization to take will require an investment of some of your leadership equity (the trust people place in you).

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Why Great Leaders Are Uncommon

Author Warren Bennis stated, “We need more than one leader. As never before, we need leaders in all of our organizations and our institutions. We need leaders in every community, corporation, and country.” We need people with official leadership titles and those who rise to the occasion to lead without an official title. More leaders are needed, but not just any type of leader. We need great leaders who positively influence others toward a common purpose and vision. Great leaders are needed in business, non-profits, governments, community relations, and in homes.

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Next Up Podcast: How to Lead A Young Family While Leading Others

nextuppodcast2Life and leading can be overwhelming. The key to keeping our family lives healthy is being intentional in how we plan and how we lead them. In this episode, Jonathan Pearson and Dustin Bates discuss ways they’re learning to lead a young family while leading others as well. Both can be done!


The Payoff is in the Preparation

We despise the preparation.

We like playing in the game, but we hate practice.
We like acing the test, but we don’t want to study.
We like when the numbers on the scale drop, but we hate working out.
We want a healthy marriage, but we don’t want to read the books and put pride aside.
We want the title, but we don’t want to work hard to move up the organizational ladder.

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How to Increase Your Creative Capacity As A Leader

Whether you consider yourself creative or not you should be intentional about increasing your creative capacity. Creativity is about thinking outside the box and expanding your thoughts of how to make thing better and more efficient. Creative leaders create a high amount of winning and innovative ideas, products, and services. Being creative is almost indispensable in our fast pace and ever changing world. If you’re not creative you could be left behind with what made you successful yesterday. Apple has been an example of a company full of creative leaders; they remain ahead of the technology business because they always release innovating products. Here are 3 practical ways to increase your creative capacity:

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