About Me
Hi, I’m Shaun Hall, and I am the leader of a software development team in Springfield Missouri. My team develops internally used applications and implements several 3rd party software solutions. My strengths are building systems, building teams, and building up individuals. I’ve been able to do all of this in spite receiving a last place trophy when I was 8 :).

I am also a proud Millennial. I started this site because I want others to be proud as well. In a time where we (Millennials) are generalized as being “lazy and entitled” I see a steady dose of “this is what is wrong with this generation” all over the place. Often by their coevals which is the most angering part of all.

But instead of fueling the fire with argument, I am choosing to take the path of education. I’m building this site for two purposes:

1) To be a place for young leaders to start or continue building professional skills.
2) To help others really understand the way we think and view the world.

That second purpose is really what I would like to drive home. Yes, I love helping others be successful, and that’s what truly motivates me and my career, but the way people view our generation is what truly evokes the emotional side for me. If you couldn’t tell from earlier, I am a bit bitter about the participation trophy perception :).

Eventually, I would love if this became a community site but I will go ahead and start down the path solo. Here you can find several thoughts, observations, philosophies and leadership tools I have been using to be successful in my career. I plan to provide several book reviews/recommendations, software reviews/recommendations, and music playlists to help you get in the zone. My newest segment that I will be rolling out is a platform for Millennials to introduce themselves and the remarkable things they are doing today. Reach out to me if you are interested in being on the site!

As I said, the end goal is for this to be a community site. Please comment on the articles. Feel free to plug your book, site, podcasts, etc.. If you come across interesting readings, send them my way. If you are interested in writing an article, send it my way. If you are working on something you would like me to talk about, send it my way. I really believe this age group doesn’t get the credit we deserve and I want to do my part in changing the perception out there.

Enjoy the content!