Don’t Underestimate the Power of Your Energy

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I was playing with my little boy this week after a day at the office, and we were having an awesome time. I was coming off a great day at work, and so I picked him up and took him to the park. Everything was all smiles.

When I got home, I took a tiny break to check a few work emails. I normally don’t do that, but I happened to be working on a few things that were close to wrapping up. Well, one of the emails stressed me out….stressed me out to the point where I had difficulty shaking it the rest of the night.

As the night went on and I began playing with the kiddo again, I could see his mood was shifting. He started misbehaving and acting out much more than he was an hour prior. I quickly realized that he was simply mimicking my change in mood. He wasn’t smiling and laughing because I wasn’t smiling and laughing anymore.

I’ve known that energy is contagious both positively and negatively, but I guess I needed a two-year-old to remind me of how easy it is to affect those around me.

So that’s why I’m here today. I’m here to remind all my readers that your energy is contagious and you need to make sure to keep it as positive as you can. As a leader, it’s a duty to keep morale high, and there’s no better way to do so than with spreading positivity to others. Below are the directions your energy can spread along with a few tips I use personally.


If positive energy is infectious, then the first person you want to infect is your boss. Trust me; your life will be a lot easier if your boss has a positive outlook when communicating with you. Your job is to help your boss be successful and here are 3 easy ways you can do so using positive energy.

  • The boss’ meetings – Meetings often suck, but they tend to serve a purpose. If your boss leads a regular meeting, you can help them by understanding what purpose they are trying to drive to. Come prepared to the meeting and force your way into topics. Just by contributing, you can create an interactive and interesting meeting that your boss is more than likely driving towards.
  • One on Ones – This is more of the same advice, but come prepared. This time with topics you would like their input on. Come with ideas or proposals and use the time effectively. Try to spend every minute working together to solve something interesting. DO NOT just come prepared with problems for them to solve. Remember, the energy needs to be positive.
  • Communication – Ending interactions with “have I given you everything you need?” or “what else can I do to help you be successful?” are amazingly energizing. Even if they say, “nothing” they will feel your willingness to help, and that will raise them up.


I mentioned that your job is to help your boss be successful. Personally, I achieve that by making sure my people are being placed in a position to be successful. I consider that my responsibility. Energy plays an important role in that as well. Here are a couple of ways I help spread energy to my team.

  • Daily Stand Ups – Depending on who you talk to, Stand Ups get love/hate reviews. My team and I enjoy them. We meet for 5 to 10 minutes to talk about what we plan to work on that day and the 1 thing that we would feel accomplished achieving. This is not a meeting for them to report to me. This is a time for the team to collaborate with each other. This is a time for me to lead with high energy myself and it’s a time for the team to determine what would make this a good day at the office. The Stand up does not have to be a drab meeting! If you need to change yours, I suggest changing it because this set up has been incredible.
  • Periodic Check-ins – Make sure your group knows you are there if they need you throughout the day. Even the gesture of asking “Everything going ok?” can ripple all the way through their week. I empower my team to run with their projects, but they like knowing that I am available for support as needed. This is extremely lightweight and will go a long way.

And All Around

Chances are you interact with more than just your boss and direct reports. If you want to positively infect others, it’s as simple as being present. The best advice I can give for this is to get away from your desk and get closer to the people you are working alongside. Instead of writing up an email, try IM or a video chat. Walk around and hash things out in person. Do what you can to increase proximity to that person.

And be sure to give them your full attention. This means don’t multitask! You are not good at it, and you will not be spreading anything positive if you are doing something else while communicating with someone. Marriage has taught me that life lesson☺.

I hope you enjoyed the read. Please let me know what you think in the comments below. I would love to hear about your experiences. Also if you have anything that you would like for me to talk about in a future blog let me know, and I will work it into the schedule. Thanks!

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