Leadership From The Mission Control to the Boardroom Book Review

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About the book

Leadership From The Mission Control to the Boardroom is an intense book. It shows the incredible amount of discipline it takes to put people in the most dangerous situations imaginable, all the while being responsible for their safety. It’s written by Paul Sean Hill, a former NASA Director of Mission Operations and in his book, he takes the reader through the history and evolution of NASA’s mission control leadership. The book uses real-life situations that highlight lessons learned and then showcase ways in which NASA made the necessary changes to address those experiences.

In the book, you learn about real courage and the many forms it takes. That is especially true when it comes to allowing yourself to make mistakes and the courage that is required to own it. The book talks about leadership styles, how to change a company culture to achieve alignment, and how to build up individuals and entire teams to be leaders. Paul Hill provides excellent ideas that can be transferred to any size corporation such as the alignment manuals and the “Stone Tablets.” The solutions the book describes are practical and are meant to help connect directly to the reader’s business.

Who It’s For

Although most will find this book helpful, the people who will get the most out of it are going to be those who are in a position to impact cultural change. Sure, there are several areas where the book talks about leaders as individuals, and of course, the NASA stories are cool and bring out the space nerd in me, but my key takeaways came from the way the author talked about transforming an organization. The most substantial points of this book were the tools NASA used to grow a culture of leadership into every employee in their organization. Again, everyone will get something useful from this book, but if you are in a position of leadership and wish to change a culture on a large scale, this book will accelerate your progress.

My Thoughts

From the very first chapter, you will be able to identify that the author is an experienced leader and one that has a lot to offer the world. This book is filled with suspenseful stories, told from the first-hand experience, each of which plays to the underlying message of trust and leadership. I often found myself re-reading a lot of his communication transcripts because it blew my mind how clear and concise communication was in a moment where most would panic. The book is fascinating and exciting.

Something also worth mentioning, where the book excelled in the unique stories, there are times where it was a stretch to relate back to the typical office setting. I personally don’t find myself in a position where I am guiding someone in space helping them avoid death. Now, I still found the stories to be fascinating because, ya know, space… but if you’re not into that sort of thing you might find some parts to be difficult to take and implement. There were also just a few moments where I felt the book could have been shorter. That being said, those are really the only critiques I have and they weren’t enough for me to stop enjoying the read.

Leadership From The Mission Control to the Boardroom is an engaging book that has something for everyone. I would challenge anyone if they claimed they didn’t find at least one thing they could immediately take to their company after reading it. MillennialLeader.com recommends this book, and you should add it to your list now. Link to book: Click Me

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