Live Your Life Book Review

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About the Book

Live your Life, 14 Days to the Best You is a book for those of you seeking to heighten your awareness of what is and what could be by providing clear action items to reach your individual goals. The book is written by Dr. Ann LeFevre, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Psychotherapist, Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Acupuncturist, and leader of Restore Body and Soul, a health and wellness enterprise that combines Eastern and Western treatment techniques. I share these credentials as I think it’s important to know an author’s experience and how that influences what is brought into a book.

This book is separated into 14 days or lessons rather, that coincide with a downloadable workbook to hold you accountable and provide structure. Each chapter wraps up with “Thinking Points” and “Action Items.” Each chapter provides real-world tips to take into everyday situations, but the early chapters appear to focus more on strategies to manage or improve while the later chapters seem to focus more on growth.

Who It’s For

This book is for those of you looking for profound yet easy to implement strategies for improving negative mindsets, improving self-acceptance, and increasing confidence to “GO GET” what you want. The book will resonate with those of you who may be feeling like you go through the motions but are missing the living part of life. While this book may present as too “feely” for those who exude self-confidence and discipline, it possesses real-world strategies that can be implemented in a wide variety of life’s scenarios. If you are looking to progress in a career, change careers, become that entrepreneurial mogul, look to expand a family, look to decrease anxiety and self-doubt, etc., you need one thing to be successful..the effective tools and strategies to guide you in your journey. This book will leave you adding to your toolkit.

There were times the book lost my focus as I tend to steer more on the analytical, scientific, and straight cut way of thinking. However, my wife, who tends to exhibit more right-brained characteristics (emotionally intelligent, creative, intuitive) spoke very highly of the book and felt there were several takeaways she planned to implement towards her personal goals of self-improvement.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I recommend this book. It is an easy read and offers easy to implement strategies for taking control of your life and living it to its fullest potential.


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