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Please read me because this affects everyone. On December 14th, 2017 the FCC plans to overturn a ruling made in 2015 to protect Net Neutrality. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, Net Neutrality is the principle that all internet traffic should be equal and open as long as the content is of a legal nature.

I know that it’s hard to get motivated to do anything about stuff like this, but it’s important you do. The ruling affects me because I have a site and I have a small internet based business. But it also affects you. If you are reading this, you have a stake in the outcome. It affects many businesses and their operations, many more companies will need an isp monitor now so they know they are getting the service they are paying for, a long with monitoring traffic more closely due to the internet becoming “closed”.

Time is quickly running out, but there are still things that can be done to help. The most significant thing you can do is make your voice heard. Tell the FCC and your elected officials that you want the Internet to remain open and unbiased. A few minutes of your day can help a lot.

Let the FCC know your view at (It’s a real url I promise). Click on the link “17-108” and click on the “+Express” to the left of the page. Copy and paste this message “I support Net Neutrality under the current Title II label.”

To save you time I have found some info to make this as easy as possible. Below there is a message that you can copy and paste into an email. Send it to your representative.

Need help finding your representative:
Their email and phone number will be on this page.

If you don’t feel like emailing, there is also a text chatbot that will compile a message and send it to any of your representatives. It takes 5 minutes. Just text “Resist” to 504-09 and the bot will take it from there. The message below will still work. Just copy and paste.

If you are located in Missouri as I am, unfortunately, I think our representative Billy Long doesn’t understand what Net Neutrality is so I have written a detailed email response to help educate him. I say this because of his response to my original email. If you live in Missouri, copy and paste the second message (the long one) and send it to him. I hope other representatives have done their homework.

If there are any question you have, contact me, and I will answer them immediately. Phone, email, social media. This is very important, so I will treat it as such. Thank you for your time and thank you for your support.

Start Copy Here


This month the FCC will be reviewing the current Net Neutrality label, and I like many others share a deep concern for the projected outcome. According to Ajit Pai, the FCC plans to “Restore Internet Freedom” by returning the Internet to its former Title 1 classification. While I believe Ajit Pai is trying to restore internet freedom, he is not restoring it to the people you represent. He and the FCC will be restoring freedom to the ISPs which have demonstrated in the past that they have no issue restricting the Internet Freedoms of their users (your constituents). This means freedom will be stripped from the people, not given.

The internet should remain in the hands of the people. We are the content creators that make it great. Because of us, the internet is the place for collaboration and innovation. It’s a place where US culture grows, and small businesses thrive. All of this has been made possible because the Internet is open. Close the internet off, and you only take from the people who use and create it.

I support Net Neutrality under the current Title II classification. As my elected leader, I urge you to support this with me.

Thank you for your time,

Stop Copy Here


Billy Long’s Email:

Start Copy for Missouri Rep Billy Long

Hello Mr. Long,

I appreciate you getting back to me on this issue. I’ve read your thoughts and thank you for sharing your perspective. With that said, I must admit that I am deeply concerned by it. In your write up, you tend to use misleading and often times incorrect buzz words to drive a point home. To be more specific I have listed a few statements that are the most troublesome, but before I do that, I want to let you know that I only speak from a deep understanding of how the internet works. I have been in the tech field my whole life and I am an internet based business owner and friend/colleague of many other internet-based entrepreneurs. We are the small businesses and innovators you’re representing.

“FCC Chairman Ajit Pai circulated a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) to restore Internet Freedom and return the Internet to its former Title I classification” – To the unaware person, this is biased and misleading. I’m sure Ajit Pai (and possibly you) believe that this is an effort to “restore Internet Freedom” but not for me. Right now I have full internet freedom. I like all the people you represent get to log onto the internet and go to any site I wish because they are all treated equally. I like all the people you represent can create a website and publish it on the same day, allowing for instant monetization traffic. A small business can literally be created within a week, and the slowest part is getting the government license, not creating the website. All because the people you represent have internet freedom. Where Mr. Pai really wishes to restore Internet Freedom is to his former company and others like it. Right now the “Heavy Government Regulation” is a protection clause and its only purpose is to not allow ISPs to cherry pick the accessible parts of the internet along with the speed in which the people you represent access it. I believe if you were to explain who Title I is really restoring Internet Freedom to, you will not get the same support you have been getting. Please don’t take advantage of people’s lack of insight.

“The current Title II classification hinders investment and innovation, and threatens what has made the Internet great” – Unfortunately, there is no proof for this statement. The tech sector has never been better and it’s easier now than it was 2 years ago to start an online business. The average person has more ISPs to choose from, and more are coming every year. I’m sure you are aware of Microsofts plan to bring broadband to the rural USA. This will be an amazing thing for Missouri as so many of the people you represent have been overlooked by the major ISPs. This decision was made earlier this year in the face of this Title II change. Investment and Innovation ARE happening faster than ever and finally in your territory. Let rural Missouri receive the same open internet that most enjoy today.

“However, in 2015 the Obama Administration politicized the issue with the FCC’s repeated efforts to bring the Internet under greater regulatory control.” – Unfortunately, this is not true as well. Obama and his administration didn’t pull this from anywhere. This was in response to Verizon and their admitted lag of Netflix speeds due to a dispute which happened in 2014. This is where Net Neutrality came from. The current Title II makes it to where Verizon has no business slowing down any certain traffic because everything that is on the internet should be considered neutral. Again, it’s in the interest of the people, not the corporation. I worry that blaming an administration is actually meant to manipulate people who don’t support most of Obama’s policies considering he had no hand in Verizon’s initial decision. This is not a party discussion, but by throwing in a popular past party member, you play off already set biases when they are not helpful. I hope this wasn’t your intention. I wanted to make you aware that the way it comes across is very misleading due to misplaced and unnecessary blame.

” I support an open Internet that does not discriminate on content and protects free speech and consumer privacy.” – Unfortunately, based on the tone and context of your message, I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one as well. You can not support an open Internet and vote to restore the “power of decision” to the corporations. They have already abused this power and they will again. The internet is open in its current state. More people are on it than ever before. It is a haven of creativity, collaboration, and most importantly capitalism. I’m normally in favor of decreased regulation, but this is one that the government got right. Making this change would be like throwing away an umbrella on a rainy day because you are not getting wet. There is no person you represent that benefits from this except the people employed by the ISPs. Bottom line, if you are supporting the revoking of Title II, you are not in favor of an open internet, and you are not in favor of Net Neutrality. Just remember, people are not asking for this so please don’t support it.

I hope this message finds you well and I hope I was able to shed light on a few things that might be overlooked. Please do not support the overturning of the Title II ruling. The internet being classified under Title II helps the people of Missouri.

Thank you for your time,

Stop Copy for Missouri Rep Billy Long


I don’t consider this to be a political matter but unfortunately, politics is the only way we can keep the internet an open place. The best thing you can do right now is making your voice heard. Let your representatives know what you think and we can hope for protection. Don’t just assume others will take care of this for you. Everyone must help.


If you find this helpful, please share the link with others. My only goal is to help make this a quick as possible.

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