Owning My Time: At Home Addition

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Normally I write about things to help improve being a leader at the office. However, I would be remised it if I didn’t include ways to lead at home as well. After all, everything you do is a subset of “Life.” If you don’t take care of yourself outside of work, you will never live up to your potential inside.

So today I’m going to tell you about a few ways you can help manage your time away from the office. These are a few tips that I live by, but I also see more people adopting especially the Millennial population. Just remember, time is a non-renewable resource so we should treat it as such.

Tip #1

Delegate the Routine – If it’s necessary but uninteresting, see if you can delegate it out. This idea came from a conversation my wife, and I had after letting the house get to an unacceptable state (by our standards) for what seemed like the 100th time. We sat down one night and determined all of the home duties that needed to be done regularly, but were also uninteresting to continue doing. Then we budgeted what it would cost to hire someone to perform those services. If we were willing to take on the additional financial burden, we delegated.

Today we pay a house cleaner to hit all major household chores and a yard company for lawn care. Now, I know it’s tempting to think “Typical lazy Millennial, not able to keep up with basic chores,” but honestly, I could not care less. These two bills pay for themselves in time-savings. We now have more freedom to work on the house itself, on side projects like this blog, or to simply spend more time with the family. That is until my kids get older, then it will be their burden to use all the vacuums and do the chores around the house.

Tip #2

Structured Flexibility – Pick nights of the week that become a scheduled day to do something. For instance, I typically use Monday as a “creative night” to work on MillennialLeader stuff and other side projects. Thursday is our date night. Friday is my alone night (I am slightly introverted, so this is necessary), and all other nights are dedicated towards family and friends.

The reason I call this structured flexibility is that none of this is set in stone. If I need to be spontaneous, I’ll be spontaneous. Think of it more as a template. If something comes up that I want to do on a Monday, say a babysitter gets free, so my wife and I want a date night, then I will just swap my creative night, or not do it at all. If nothing comes up, I just do what was originally planned.

This may seem easy enough, but I talk to many that don’t have this template created. Just setting that initial expectation helps you keep focused on what you want to spend your time on. As a rule, always be flexible but intentional with your time.

Tip #3

Live by Your Commitments – Keep a planner with all of your commitments and honor them. I say “honor them” because each victory is in itself a form of motivation. Whether it’s taking the time to meet a long time friend or finishing a blog post for the next day, they all translate into momentum you can use for the future.

Commitment is also important because you don’t want things to drag on. When we let things drag on, we spend a lot of time thinking about it throughout the day. This just steals time from other areas of our lives and can lead to some negative emotions down the road.

Wrap up

It’s important to remember that everyone has the same amount of time. We all go through the same 24-hour clock, so it’s safe to assume that everyone was doing something for the last 24-hours just like you. In other words, everyone else is busy too. If you are especially struggling with time, I encourage you to give these tips a try. If you do, I promise you will get some of that time you desperately need back into your life.

I hope you find these helpful and if you have further questions, feel free to get in touch with me. You can follow me on social media or simply leave a comment in the area below.

Also, if you have future topics you would like me to dive into, please write them in the comments as well. Now go get some of your time back!

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