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Set Goals for a Complete Life

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Goal time! I know people these days are down on New Year’s resolutions, but there is always the temptation to create them none the less. We all look for a moment in time where we can hit the reset button. The starting of the New Year is the calendars way of saying “today is that day.” Seems pretty handy right? I am a fan of New Year goals, so I say let’s take advantage of it.

Today I would like to talk about goals. Specifically the area in life in which goals should be made. All areas I discuss below are areas that need to be considered if your end goal is to have a complete life.

Each area is like a bucket that has some fill level. And, to be happy, you need to fill that bucket to the desired level with time/dedication towards it. If a bucket gets too little time, your happiness will decline. This is why so many New Years resolutions fail. It’s because we tend to binge one area of our lives without consideration of the other. When we focus too much on one bucket, the result is burnout. Binging anything is always a bad thing.

Below are the areas (buckets) I encourage you to be thinking about when creating your New Year’s resolutions.

1) Relationship

This is your romantic relationship bucket. What is your goal for you and your partner? Is it to have a date night once per week? Get Married? Or perhaps its to stay single and focus on your other areas for the year. Whatever it is, your romantic relationship bucket is an impactful one and needs to be thought of.

2) Parenting

Obviously, if you don’t have children, this bucket doesn’t apply to you, but if you do, what are some of your goals for your children? Is it to go to all their soccer games? or play outside with them every weekend? Make sure you set goals for you and your children if you want to be a more complete person. I rarely hear people say my new year’s resolution is to talk with my children more, but most people would agree that it is something they would like to do.

3) Family/Friends

Pick a few relationship you want to invest in. Lifelong friends or new ones, pick a few people and make a plan. Weekly dinners or monthly happy hours are great ways to stay in touch with others around you. Keep your other relationships alive; you will be happier for it.

4) Career

This is a bucket that I think gets a lot of attention. Most workplaces formalize their yearly goals, so perhaps you don’t need to do this for yourself, but I would take this seriously. Where do you what to be in your career this time next year? What would you like people to thank you for when the year is over? Think about it.

5) Health

Duh. Go get a gym membership or see a trainer. This is the most common new year’s resolution, and it should be. Your health dictates the way you feel about all other activities. It starts here. Find ways to get in a healthy regiment and stick with it for the duration. It will set off a chain reaction to all the other goals.

6) Hobbies

Everyone needs a bit of “me” time. Find a few hobbies that let you recharge. Mine are gaming and brewing beer, and I’ve recently been considering boating after seeing some of the best center console boats! Occasionally I take on the household project or two, but I make sure I have hobbies. These are the things that keep me sane when I’m spending time on the other buckets. Everyone needs a hobby so set yourself a goal here.


Whether you still have not set your new years goals, want to change them, or already failed at them, I hope this article gives you some direction on what to do next. Life is too short not to get what you want out of it, so do what you can to live a complete one.

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