The Compass Solution Book Review

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About the book

The Compass Solution: A Guide to Winning your Career, gives the average person the skills needed to excel in their career. Its authored by Tim Cole, CEO and Founder of the Compass Alliance. In his book, Tim shares his lessons learned over his three decades of experience.

In the book, you will learn about Tim’s unique process that consists of what he calls the Compass and the Key Chain. The Compass is meant to represent your guide through your career. These are 4 dimensions that should never be forgotten as you embark on your journey: Personal Accountability, People, Process, and Perspective make up the four directions of your compass. The Key Chain is meant to represent the 3 keys to success. Where the Compass will keep you honest and on track to continue to have a career, mastering the Key Chain will accelerate you through it. The Key Chaine consists of Leadership, Communication, and Learning.

Who It’s For

The Compass Solution has something for everyone. If you are 40 years into your career, there is something you will learn from Tim Cole. However, the people that will get the most out of the read are those who are just a couple of years into their career. Perhaps in their first entry-level job or possibly after their first promotion. I say this because some of the tips Tim provides can be very basic. I would occasionally find myself brushing over some advice because it seemed easy to grasp. But I would always take a step back and realize that I know this stuff because I have either witnessed, read about, or committed these mistakes myself. I would have benefited a lot from the book if I had read it straight out of the gate.

My Thoughts

The Compass Solution had a very smooth read to it. The book is organized around the 7 subtopics that I mentioned in the “About” section above. In each part, Tim dives deep into personal experiences or interpretations. The chapters are littered with useful metaphors that make the concepts easy to understand. Couple that with his blog like the writing style, Tim continued to drop wisdom with each section. I found this book to be one of the easiest reads I have come across in a business book.

As for critical feedback on the book, the only thing that comes to mind is what I talk about in the “Who It’s For” section. I mentioned earlier that there are parts that, at this point in my career, are things I have learned before. Depending on your level within your career, you may experience a lull. But again, I don’t consider this to be a bad thing. For the book to be nonstop educational, you merely need to be early in your career. I found the book very educational. It just didn’t always play into my current skill level.

Overall the book was great. It’s dense with real-world scenarios that any leader will come across and the author provides a laundry list of wisdom that can be applied to anyone’s career. It’s an easy to read book and very practical. I have already found myself returning to sections in the book because I recognized situations from it. At the time I write this, I will only have been finished with it for one week. I imagine I will reference it a lot in the future.

Although I strongly recommend the book for someone early in their career, there is enough wisdom in the book for all to grow. Go out and get this book. You will be better for it.

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