Three H-Qualities of New Leaders


Today’s business landscape is becoming increasingly more demanding. Companies are looking for the best and the brightest, and the best and the brightest are hopscotching through the market, looking for the biggest opportunities and the most desirable benefits. It’s a winner take all market and nobody wants to lose.

In today’s workplace, education and experience aren’t enough. Today’s leaders must also model integrity, emotional intelligence, and confidence. They must be great listeners, even better communicators and motivators, and still have the courage to stand by their convictions while being fair and morally sensitive.

The following are three constructive qualities on which new leaders must found their professional character:


One of the most desired leadership traits is confidence. We want leaders who are confident in themselves, in their followers, and who have the oomph to lead us through the peaks and valleys of life. However, over-confidence can mutate into arrogance and stall a leaders’ progress. Leaders must have the emotional intelligence to keep their confidence in check and stay humble. They must remember that the responsibility of leadership is not only to guide and motivate others, but also to serve them. Leaders must be confident enough to lead, but humble enough to remember why they’re leading.


Today’s leaders must be hungry. They must be eager, growth-oriented, and willing to go the extra mile to make a difference. Leaders aren’t spoon-fed opportunities. They must to go after them, looking for the chance to make a change, to be innovative, and to set themselves a part from the herd. Leaders must have courage and ambition, and be ready to take on challenges. They must be hungry for new opportunities, for the chance to lead, and for new information.


Being a leader isn’t an easy job, and it can be filled with trials and setbacks. It is important for a leader to remain focused, stay positive, and have the capacity to persevere in challenging times. Maintaining a positive mental attitude and modeling this behavior aids in keeping the morale and loyalty of followers high. Leaders should approach the world from a “half-full” perspective, and stay positive as they continue to drive change in a positive way.

This blog was originally posted on on June 5, 2012.

4 thoughts on “Three H-Qualities of New Leaders

  1. Humility and hunger goes hand in hand. You will never grow and be hungry for growth and wisdom if you are too proud to accept that there are things that you need to know or that there are things that you can learn from other people even those who do not have many letters written before their names.

    1. Michael, that is an excellent point. I would add that just like you’ll never grow and be hungry for growth if you’re too proud to accept all the opportunities available for learning, if you have an unsatisfied or pessimistic attitude, you’ll hold yourself even further back. I think that sometimes the opportunities for us to grow come from the places least expected, and that makes them all the more valuable. For me, my five year old constantly reminds me to keep pushing ahead and that his drawings on my wall as jus as valuable as the diplomas hanging next to them.

  2. Yeah, that are the three which can convert new leader in to a real one. He/she should always keep these in mind. These can determine how will be the future journey of a new leader.

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