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Hello readers! I’m very excited to introduce a guest author today, Mark Cop. Mark is the author and creator of the site Foosball Zone. He comes in today to talk about a few trends in the office space arena. Enjoy!

Often in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, one could say that millennials are a bit misunderstood. Regardless of what you think about them, Millennials are the fastest growing generation in the workforce and are the future of our world and society. But in order to grasp and retain the best millennials for your task force, you need to modify your workplace or office exactly how they would like them to be. Otherwise, you will be missing out on some of the top talents of the world. So here are a few trends by following which you can turn your office into one that is millennial-oriente, and chekc out Cognillo for the latest document organization software.


As much as millennials are considered to be self-centered and individual-oriented, studies show that they are nothing as such when it comes to working in an office. A vast majority of them prefer to work in offices that are conventional and different from the traditional setups- meaning they want less structured, monotonous cubicles, and more unique workstations which allow them to personalize as well as collaborate with others on the team.


The new generation appreciates things that have to mean and generally deters from those that are there simply for the sake of being there. Hence, your office space needs to have a proper plan as to why you’re furnishing or shaping it the way that you are. For example, if you choose to opt for an open space area in your office, let it be known that it is because you want the employees to use it to intermingle and collaborate.


Millennials are well aware of the health issues that are persistent in this day and age and they are adamant on staying away from them through a healthy lifestyle with which they can manage their nutrition, activity, as well as stress levels.

A great addition to the workplace would be a foosball table – an interesting and challenging addition that would make any workplace interactive and a fun and healthy place to be. The presence of a foosball table will ensure that whenever the employees are feeling a bit stressed or need some space, they can simply grab a friend and head on over for a couple-of-minute-long game of foosball. All in all, it is a healthy distraction for a few moments.


Along with it being work intensive and stress relieving, millennials would want their ideal office to be comfortable as well. This means that you may have to invest in some plush sofas for the meeting lounge and comfy leather chairs for the employees’ personal space. You can make your office as comfortable as possible. With the help of companies such as Office Monster, who can provide everything you will need to create a relaxing environment, you’ll have the office of your dreams in no time. As long as you feel like it is a room where you can be productive, then that’s all that matters.
This would also include making the likes of the kitchen and other common spaces accessible to everyone.


These days it is not enough to have a brand or company- you have to have a personality. You have to have a character that stands out in a strikingly bold manner amongst the rest so that you can establish yourself as unique and original. The color scheme of your office plays a huge part in establishing the personality of your brand. It is generally recommended that you choose a theme consisting of a couple of bright colors to employ in the workspace so you can make it a livelier place.

With the standards rising ever higher with every passing day, not only do millennials desire to work in offices that are engaging and encapturing, but they are expecting to be immersed in a workplace that encourages innovation and lets them work as efficiently as they can while ensuring their comfort simultaneously.

Again I want to thank Mark for sharing his thoughts on my site. Please feel free to leave him a few comments to let him know what you think. Also, make sure to check out his site if you are in the market for a Foosball Table. Could be the perfect team building activity you need in the office.

Author bio:

Mark is a blog and a foosball player. He combined those two passions in one – his blog called the Foosball Zone. There he writes about foosball because he wants to show to the internet that foosball is an awesome game table. Read what he has to say on this link here:

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